We welcome three new postdocs to Bonn:


Mirjam Salish received Graduate Student Award


Mirjam Salish received the 2015 Graduate Student Award at the UECE Lisbon Meetings in Game Theory and Applications for her paper "Learning faster or more precisely? Strategic experimentation in networks".

The Award is given to the Ph.D. student who presented the best paper during the yearly "UECE Lisbon conference".


FEEM Award 2015


Anne-Katrin Roesler has been awarded the 2015 FEEM Award, a prize that is given to the authors of the three best papers presented by young economists at the annual congress of the EEA. The selection committee sees her paper Is Ignorance Bliss? Rational Inattention and Optimal Pricing as “an impressive and beautiful theory piece, and an important contribution to the nascent literature on rational inattention”.

Anne-Katrin recently graduated from the BGSE and will start as a research associate at Northwestern University before she goes on to an assistant professorship at the University of Michigan in 2016. 

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Student Assistants

  • Sebastian Luxen
  • Tim Bock
  • Karoline Woschek
  • Markus Hofmann

Former Postdocs


Placements of Graduate Students (Selected)

Mirjam Salish Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2016)
Anne-Katrin Roesler  research associate, Northwestern U (2015)
assistant professor (tenure track), U Michigan (2016)
Stefan Terstiege assistant professor, U Maastricht (2015)
Sina Litterscheid PricewaterhouseCoopers (2015)
Konrad Mierendorff assistant professor, University College London (2014)         
Deniz Dizdar assistant professor, U Montréal, Canada (2014)
Alexander Westkamp assistant professor, U Maastricht (2013)
Philipp Strack assistant professor, UC Berkeley
Microsoft Research, Boston (2013)
Sebastian Kranz professor, U Ulm
assistant professor, U Ulm (2012)
Christian Seel  assistant professor, U Maastricht (2012)
Nora Szech professor, Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology
professor, U Bamberg (2012)
Philipp C. Wichart professor, U Rostock
interim professor, LMU Munich (2011)
Fabian Herweg  professor, U Bayreuth
assistant professor, LMU Munich (2011)
Stephan Lauermann professor, U Bonn 
assistant professor, U Michigan (2007)
Moritz Meyer-ter-Vehn associate professor of Economics, UCLA 
associate consultant, McKinsey Germany (2003)
Felix Ketelaar
 Joao Montez
 Frédéric Payot  
 Johannes Koenen  

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