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BGSE Workshop & Micro Theory Seminar

Dates and Times for the summer term 2019



BGSE Workshop: room 0.017
Micro Theory Seminar: faculty room 


BGSE Micro Workshop

Micro Theory Seminar

March 18

Alexei Parakhonyak 

(Oxford University)


April 03

Sven Rady

(University of Bonn)


Ennio Stacchetti

(New York University)


April 05


Jonas von Wangenheim

(FU Berlin)


April 10

Lingwei Wu 

(University of Bonn)


Christian Seel 

(Maastricht University)

April 17

Yangwei Song

(HU Berlin)

Ran Spiegler

(Tel Aviv University)

April 24

Hao Li

(Vancouver School of Economics)

May 08

Daniel Krähmer

(University of Bonn)


Benny Moldovanu

(University of Bonn)


May 09


Mini Course with 

Asher Wolinsky

(Northwestern University)


May 22


Dan Fershtman

(University of Bonn)


 Sarah Auster

(Bocconi University)


May 27


 Jeffrey Ely

(Northwestern University)

May 29


Deniz Kattwinkel

(University of Bonn) 



June 05


Barton Lipman

(Boston University)



June 19


Francesc Dilmé

(University of Bonn)

 Annie Liang

(University of Pennsylvania)

June 26

Georg Nöldeke

(University of Basel)

Balazs Szentes

(London School of Economics)

July 03

Tobias Rachidi

(University of Bonn)

Christina Lauer

(University of Bonn)

July 10


Jan Knoepfle

(University of Bonn)


Carl Heese

(University of Bonn)

 *Please note that there might be some room changes. If this will be the case, we will mark the schedule accordingly. Please check the link for the right room.
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