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BGSE Workshop & Micro Theory Seminar

Dates and Times for the winter term 19/20


Additional to our seminars there is the 15th Manchot Lecture January 23rd, 2020, with Prof. Guido Tabellini (Bocconi University).


BGSE Workshop: room 0.017
Micro Theory Seminar: faculty room 


BGSE Micro Workshop

Micro Theory Seminar

October 09

Matt Jackson 

(Stanford University)


October 10

Matt Jackson - Mini Course

(Stanford University)


Ocrtober 16

Gregorio Curello

(University of Bonn)

 Wojciech Olszewksi

(Northwestern University)

October 23

Claudia Herresthal

(University of Bonn)

Dino Gerardi

(Collegio Carlo Alberto)

October 30

Faruk Gul

(Princeton Unversity)

November 06

Alessandro Lizzeri

(New York University)

November 13

Glen Weyl

(Microsoft Research)

Yingni Guo

(Northwestern University)


November 20


Daniel Garrett

(Toulouse School of Economics)

November 27

Carl Heese

(University of Bonn)

Eduardo Perez

(Sciences Po)


December 04

Jan Knoepfle

(University of Bonn)

 Sophie Bade 

(University of London)

December 11

Deniz Kattwinkel

(University of Bonn)

Jiangtao Li

(Singapore Management Univerisity)


December 16



Elliot Lipnowski - Mini Course

(Columbia University) 

December 17


Elliot Lipnowski

(Columbia University) 

January 08

Tom Wiseman 

(University of Texas at Austin)

January 15

Avi Lichtig 

(Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

January 22


Martin Hagen

(Charles III University Madrid)


January 29


Vladimir Novak



Febuary 12


Franz Ostrizek

(Princeton University)

 *Please note that there might be some room changes. If this will be the case, we will mark the schedule accordingly. Please check the link for the right room.
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