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BGSE Workshop & Micro Theory Seminar

Dates and Times for the summer term 2020



Rooms* (Note that, currently, all seminars are held on zoom)

BGSE Workshop: room 0.017
Micro Theory Seminar: faculty room 


BGSE Micro Workshop

Micro Theory Seminar

October 28

Wolfgang Pesendorfer

(Princeton University)


November 04

Boaz Zik

(University of Bonn)

David McAdams

(Duke University)


November 11

Lucas Pahl

(University of Bonn)

 Anne-Katrin Roesler

(University of Toronto)

November 18

E.B. Destan. M. Risco

(University of Bonn)

Brown-Bag Seminar

Oezlem Bedre-Defolie

(ESMT Berlin)

November 25

S.Block, A. Winter

(University of Bonn)


Brown-Bag Seminar

Moritz Meyer-ter-Vehn


December 02

Jonas von Wangenheim

(University of Bonn)

Andrew Ellis

(London School of Economics)

December 09

Paul Vossn (Mock Talk)

(University of Bonn)

Lucas Maestri



December 16

European Meetings

European Meetings

January 13

Mark Whitmeyer

(University of Bonn)

Eran Shmaya

(Northwestern University)


January 20

Kailin Chen

(University of Bonn)


January 27

Finn Schmieter

(University of Bonn)

February 03


Axel Niemeyer

(University of Bonn)


February 10


Thomas Kohler

(University of Bonn)

Marina Halac

(Yale University)

 *Please note that there might be some room changes. If this will be the case, we will mark the schedule accordingly. Please check the link for the right room.
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