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BGSE Workshop & Micro Theory Seminar

Dates and Times for the summer semester 2017



BGSE Workshop: room 0.017
Micro Theory Seminar: faculty room 


BGSE Micro Workshop                                  

Micro Theory Seminar

April 11

Zvika Neeman

(Tel Aviv University)

April 18

Françoise Forges

(Paris Dauphine University)

April 25

Nicola Persico

(Northwestern University)

May 2

Francesc Dilmé

(University Bonn)

Benny Moldovanu

(University Bonn)

May 9

Mengxi Zhang

(University Bonn)

Mira Frick

(Yale University)

May 16

Patrick Lahr

(University Bonn)

Nora Szech

(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

May 23

- No Workshop - 

Whitsun Break

- No Seminar -

Whitsun Break

May 28


 Yunan Li

(Hongkong University)

May 30

Tim Roughgarden

(Stanford University)

Navin Kartik

(Columbia University)

June 6

Stephen Morris

(Princeton University)

June 7


 Christina Lauer 


Tobias Rachidi

(University Bonn)

June 8


Alessandro Pavan

(Northwestern University)

June 13

Aislinn Bohren

(University of Pennsylvania)

Philippe Jehiel 

(Paris School of Economics)

June 20

Marius Kulms

(University Bonn)

Xianwen Shi

(University of Toronto)


June 22


Marcel Preuss

(University of Mannheim)

June 27

Saskia Fuchs

(University Bonn)

Konrad Mierendorf

(University College London)

July 4

Andreas Kluemper

(University Bonn)

Aleh Tsyvinski

(Yale University)

July 11

Paul Voss

(University Bonn)


July 18

Philipp Strack

(University of California, Berkeley)

 *Please note that there might be some room changes. If this will be the case, we will mark the schedule accordingly. Please check the link for the right room.
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