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Prof. Dr. Dezsö Szalay

Research Interests:

Contract Theory, Economics of Information, Financial Contracting, Industrial Organization, Game Theory


Curriculum Vitae:

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The Economics of Extreme Options and Clear Advice (2005) Review of Economic Studies 72, 1173-1198

Contracts with Endogenous Information (2009) Games and Economic Behavior 65, 586-625

Taxes and Employment Subsidies in Optimal Redistribution Programs   (2009) American Economic Review 99(1), 216-242 )(joint with Paul Beaudry and Chuck Blackorby) (this version as of March 2008)

Cash breeds Success: The Role of Financing Constraint in Patent Races (2010) Review of Finance 14(1), 73-118 (joint with Enrique Schroth) (this version as of 2009)

Delegated expertise, authority, and communication (2019) American Economic Review 109(4), 1349-74 (joint with Inga Deimen)

Information and Communication in Organizations (2019) AEA p&p, Vol 109 (May), 545-49 (joint with Inga Deimen)

Working Papers:


Brevity (joint with Peter Esö, October 2020)

Authority in a theory of the firm (joint with Inga Deimen, July 2020)

Information, Authority, and Smooth Communication in Organizations (joint with Inga Deimen, July 2016)

Smooth, strategic communication (October 2014)

Managerial Incentive Problems and Return Distribution (October 2014)

Sequential, multidimensional screening (with Sina Litterscheid, January 2014)

Regulating a Multiproduct and Multitype Monopolist (March 2013)

Strategic Information Transmission and Stochastic Orders (September 2012)


Older Papers:


Innnovation Races and the Strategic Role of Cash Holdings: Evidence from Pharmaceutical Patents (October 2007) (joint with Enrique Schroth)


Work in Progress:


Incomplete Language as an Incentive Device (joint with Peter Esö)

Optimal Contracting and Strategic Interaction (joint with Armin Schmutzler and Enrique Schroth)

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